Friday, October 28, 2011

tall women thoughts

Tall women, sex, and attraction to shorter men

Tall sexy women with short men are often perceived as taboo in our society. It's so rare, but it's so attractive. When a tall woman with short man, it attracts attention, it makes people wonder.

Yes, tall women want taller men, even more than a man who wants a shorter woman. Women are a lot more choosy as far as height in a partner, so seeing a tall gorgeous woman with short man is unusual and very exciting.

Can be a tall woman a submissive woman? Why not? Yes, tall women can be very sexy, very feminine and very submissive.

Tall women can be attracted to shorter men, if a man is confident, sensitive but also dominant, it can be very attractive. I am a tall woman. I was never attracted to weak and submissive men, but I know it's possible to some women.

Some women love to be controlling and love weak and insecure men though.

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If you are a short men, moreover, if you are a weak, insecure man, it's ok to be who you are. Some women might find it very attractive. What seems as weak and insecure to you, may seem as sensitive and romantic to a woman.

Not all women like controlling guys who take charge all the time. Women do like weak and small and insecure men too, they love sensitive men who can cry and be actually shy. Shy men are rare and are very attractive also.

So many guys worry if they are too short or too skinny, men should start loving themselves for who they are. Maybe you are simply get attracted to wrong women?

Men complain about getting rejected, but very often they just get attracted to a wrong person. Men or women pursue someone who doesn't like them and then they wonder why they have a low self esteem after all that. Be careful who you start to like...and first of all, love yourself the way you are whether you someone admires you or not.

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