Friday, October 28, 2011

Tall amazon women are strong

Tall amazon women are strong

So many tall women worry if they are too strong, too big or too tall. But, ladies, you shouldn't worry, being tall and big and strong can be good to you too.

Just because you are too strong or too tall or too big, you are still a woman and there are some men who really like this qualities in women.

Not all men want just small tiny skinny girls. Many men desire "the bigger the better", so the taller you are, the bigger you are, could be a big desired quality to some men. Some men love tall big women. Strong amazons can be very attractive. If someone likes to call you an amazon, you never know, maybe he is very attracted to you and tries to let you know it's a good thing.

What is good for one person might not be as good for someone else. Women often wouldn't want to be called amazons just because women taught to be quiet, to be sweet and to be nice. But being an amazon woman can be quite a compliment.

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As far as short men...Being too short isn't always a bad thing. For example, if you are a short man and you love tall women, then the taller woman for you the better. If you are a short man, then it means that most women will be taller than you, especially if they wear heels.

Most men don't really care about height, they just care about how a woman can make him feel. Many men are waiting to fall in love. Many men want to experience the love of his life, a woman who can make him feel being in love. If he meets such woman, she will be the most beautiful woman for him because she has control over his emotions.

Men want a woman who makes him feel special. Men want a woman who makes him feel attractive, handsome and desirable. Even the most beautiful women can't win certain men's hearts. Looks don't matter that much when it comes to love and attraction. What is important to one man, might not be very important to another man.

Men want to feel passion and feel in love. Whether you tall or short, strong or small, you can give this emotions to the right man. Only right man will find you attractive and appreciate you for who you are.

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