Friday, October 28, 2011

tall women like short men

Tall women like short men

Tall women and short men are great looking couple. If you never met a tall woman with short man, you wouldn't be able to take your eyes of them if you met them. It's a very unusual scene to see a tall woman in love with a short man. So many men prefer a taller woman than them. If you do love tall women, don't be ashamed of it, but be proud. In our community the role of a woman is to be tender, gentle and caring and when a short man is excited by tall strong woman it can be complected and even mortifying for a man in some cases.

It's o'kay for a any woman to be attracted to strong man but it's perceived strange when an insecure man is attracted to very tall strong woman.

Dominant powerful woman can be hidden behind a beautiful face or innocent voice. Just because a woman is nice and gentle in public it doesn't always mean she is the same way behind closed doors.

Try not to worry what most people think, but chose what makes you happy. There is not limit on love no matter what your height is and doesn't matter what your partner's height is. Love conquers it all.

Should you give up your dream to be with a brave powerful woman just because it's not normally accepted by society?

Think about your tall woman of your careful though you will quickly find out that the same woman can be demanding, strong and powerful bossy woman in most areas of your life. Don't beleive that every woman is kind and clean, women are taught to behave this way but the true personality will come out once you get o know her a little more.

Women were always taught to behave sweet and nice. It was expected to be nice and feminine, but more and more women want a strong powerful role in a relationships and in other areas too.

It's o'kay to be attracted to tall women but think about it before you get yourself into a relationship.

She could be stronger in all areas instead of one that you expected, she could be more than you can handle.

She will take leadership for you and expect you respect her and her choices in life. But not all tall strong women want to be dominant in relationships or their lives.

If you can meet her own desires and yours too, you both would be very happy. Search for your happiness and help others to find their happiness as well. Short men have a lot to offer to tall women, such relationships can be great and very fulfilling if you both follow your hearts.

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