Friday, October 28, 2011

tall women clothes

Clothes for tall women isn't to find but it's worth to search for.  If you are a tall woman, it's always a challenge to find clothes long enough or coat with long sleeves. Tall women want to look good and fashionable in winter and summer and any season.  For example, if you shop for coats it could be a challenge as much as pants or jeans.

The problem with coats for tall women is that many coats are long enough but too wide for a skinny tall woman. For example, I've seen many great coats with affordable price only to find out that a coat is too wide for me to wear. If a coat has a perfect width, then it's not long enough. If I find a coat that has a perfect length and width then it might be too expensive or wrong color or style. So, finding a perfect coat almost as important as to find a perfect pair of jeans for a tall woman.

Long coats or short coats look great on tall women. I think it's good to have at least couple coats you love to wear so you would always look good and different. Tall women can wear light coats for warmer weather and heavier coats for colder weather. Whatever you find, make sure it not only looks good but feels good too. Tall women need to be as comfortable and as beautiful as they can be.

One great thing about buying a new coat is that you can wear it for years to come and you don't need to make such purchase too often. Coats, jeans and pants are only a few things that tall women don't have to buy as often as they would buy shoes and shirts. Don't be afraid to spend extra money on a new coat because it's hard to find exactly what you like, so if you found what you really like, you better buy as soon as you can. Many stores have return policy, so don't be afraid to make yourself happy with new things you need to wear.

If you are young skinny woman, then short coats would look great on you. I always like black color for any coat, it can go with everything and match anything you wear.

If you want to wear a long coat, it's a great choice too. Long coats are usually warmer and more elegant, especially on very tall women. I, personally, prefer coats about the knee length, it look really good and keeps all my body warm this way. Shop at different stores or online to find what exactly you are looking for and what will make you happy the most.

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